Opening consoles and clients without using the Launchpad

You can open the various clients or consoles for IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server by using their URL.

You can access individual installed products without using the Launchpad by using the following URLs:
Data Quality Exception Console
Subscription Manager
IBM InfoSphere Data Click
IBM InfoSphere DataStage® and QualityStage® Operations Console
IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog
IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer thin client
IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Dashboard
IBM InfoSphere Information Server Administration Console
IBM InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager
IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Standardization Rules Designer

If clustering is not set up, the server variable is the name of the computer where you have installed your application server. The default port number is 9443. If you use the default HTTPS 9443 port, you can omit the port number, and 9443 is used automatically. For example, https://my_computer/ibm/iis/launchpad.

If clustering is set up, server:port is the name or IP address and the port of the front-end dispatcher, either the web server or the load balancer. Do not use the host name and port of a particular cluster member.

You can bookmark the URLs after you connect to them.