InfoSphere Discovery

InfoSphere® Discovery provides innovative data exploration and analysis techniques to automatically discover relationships and mappings among structured data in your enterprise. The analysis is based on actual values in the data, rather than on just metadata.

This value-driven analysis means that InfoSphere Discovery can detect relationships between tables and columns whose names or metadata alone do not suggest any connection. InfoSphere Discovery can identify and generate highly complex transformations that you can use to describe the locations and formats of sensitive data, describe the relationships of data elements across applications, or output as SQL code or extract, transform, and load (ETL) code for use in data transformation jobs.

Before you implement any data-centric projects, you must know what data you have, where it is located, and how it relates between various systems.

InfoSphere Discovery is a data analysis tool that provides a full range of data analysis capabilities that include single source profiling, cross-system data overlap analysis, and matching key discovery. It provides a profiling solution with automatic primary-foreign key discovery and validation. In addition, InfoSphere Discovery can analyze the data overlap across multiple sources simultaneously.