Built-In Before/After Subroutines

There are a number of built-in before/after subroutines supplied with IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage®:

These routines appear in the list of available built-in routines when you edit the Before-stage subroutine or After-stage subroutine fields in an Aggregator, Transformer, or supplemental stage, or the Before-job subroutine or After-job subroutine fields in the Job Properties dialog box.

You can also copy these routines and use the code as a basis for your own before/after subroutines.

If NLS is enabled, you should be aware of any mapping requirements when using ExecDOS and ExecSH (or ExecDOSSilent and ExecSHSilent) routines. If these routines use data in particular character sets, then it is your responsibility to map the data to or from Unicode.