Converting containers

You can convert local containers to shared containers and vice versa.

About this task

By converting a local container to a shared one you can make the functionality available to all jobs in the project.

You might want to convert a shared container to a local one if you want to slightly modify its functionality within a job. You can also convert a shared container to a local container and then deconstruct it into its constituent parts as described in Deconstructing a local container.

To convert a container, select its stage icon in the job Diagram window and either click Convert from the shortcut menu, or click Edit > Convert Container from the main menu.

IBM® InfoSphere® DataStage® prompts you to confirm the conversion.

Containers nested within the container you are converting are not affected.

When converting from shared to local, you are warned if link name conflicts occur and given a chance to resolve them.

A shared container cannot be converted to a local container if it has a parameter with the same name as a parameter in the parent job (or container) which is not derived from the parent's corresponding parameter. You are warned if this occurs and must resolve the conflict before the container can be converted.

Note: Converting a shared container instance to a local container has no affect on the original shared container.