Searching for terms and other assets by using IBM Glossary Anywhere

You can search for business terminology associated with information assets that are included in text-based documents on your computer.

Before you begin

  • IBM® Glossary Anywhere does not use single sign-on (SSO). You must have the login credentials of a user with the Information Governance Catalog Basic User role or higher to access the catalog.
  • IBM Glossary Anywhere on your computer must be connected to the server on which IBM InfoSphere® Information Governance Catalog is installed. A green circle icon (green circle that indicates connectivity) in the lower right corner of the application indicates that IBM Glossary Anywhere is connected to the InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog server.


  1. Highlight a word or phrase in a document by using the text capture method that you selected. To view your text capture method, hover over the book icon (book) in your system tray. For example, if you selected the keyboard and mouse capture method, press the key and then drag the cursor while you hold down the mouse button. IBM Glossary Anywhere automatically opens and displays matches for the words that you capture.

    Alternatively, open IBM Glossary Anywhere from your system tray and type the words to search for into the text box at the top.

    As you type in text, terms or other assets that match what you highlighted or typed are automatically displayed. You can select an asset from the search results, or continue to type text and then click Search.

    If you search for more than one word, IBM Glossary Anywhere searches for the words exactly as you type them. The search is not case sensitive.

  2. Optional: If there are no results or if you want to also search the Short Description property in addition to the Name property, click the Try an extended search link that is below the last search result.
  3. Click the name of a result in the list of search results to display its detailed information such as the context path, steward, and other assets that are assigned to asset. The information is displayed in the IBM Glossary Anywhere window.

    You can also click the Open in Browser icon (Open in Browser) to see the details of an asset in InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog.