Mapping using Adaptive Apply

If you know that your source and target tables are not synchronized, but you want to replicate data from the source to the target without error, then map your source table to your target table using the Adaptive Apply mapping type.

For example, if there is an insert on the source table, but that row already exists in your target table, CDC Replication switches the insert to an update operation. Also, if there is an update on your source table, and this row does not exist on your target table, then CDC Replication switches the update into an insert.

Adaptive Apply ensures that replicated rows in the source and target tables are the same. You can also use Adaptive Apply to restore the contents of a target table from recorded journal or log entries. To do this, you set the journal or log position to a specific entry or point in time, and then use Adaptive Apply to populate an empty target table with the latest data.

Management Console provides two mechanisms for mapping:
Multiple one-to-one table mappings
Map tables using one-to-one replication when you want to map multiple source tables to multiple target tables at a time and these tables share the same table structure and similar table names.
The Map Tables wizard automatically maps tables based on an example mapping you set up.
Custom table mappings
Map tables using custom replication when you want to map only one source table to one target table at a time. Use custom table mappings when you need more control over the way the table is mapped.
For example, use custom mappings for tables that do not share the same table structure or similar table names, for mappings where you need to filter out columns for a particular table, or for tables where you want to pick a particular index.
Note: Adaptive Apply mappings should not be used when targeting tables with multiple uniqueness constraints. CDC Replication does not enforce this. If Adaptive Apply mapping is configured to target a table with multiple uniqueness constraints errors will occur when applying.