Supported JDBC drivers

To successfully run CDC Replication, you need to ensure that a supported JDBC driver is installed.

The following table indicates the JDBC drivers that are supported for use with IBM® CDC FlexRep. Please be aware that only type 4 JDBC drivers are supported.

Table 1. Supported JDBC drivers for IBM CDC FlexRep
RDBMS EnterpriseDb MySQL Amazon Redshift Snowflake
Driver class com.edb.Driver net.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver
Supported Versions
  • Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.1 (
  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.6 (9.4.1212.0)
  • EnterpriseDB JDBC Driver 42.2
  • (F000075.U000035)
  • (F000438.U000209) (F000362.U000179) 3.13.15
JDBC URL Pattern jdbc:edb://[host]:[port]/[database] jdbc:ibm:replication:mysql://[hostname]:[port][;property=value[;...]]

JDBC Driver JAR File

  • edb-jdbc16.jar
  • edb-jdbc17.jar
  • edb-jdbc18.jar
  • CImysql.jar
  • CImysql-
CIredshift- snowflake-jdbc-3.13.15.jar
Location This driver is shipped with the database. This driver is installed with the IBM CDC FlexRep software and is located in the /lib folder of the installation directory. This driver is installed with the IBM CDC FlexRep software and is located in the /lib folder of the installation directory. This driver is shipped with the database.
Notes     Set mirror_batch_apply_check to CHECK_ROWS_AFFECTED_UPDATE_DELETE.

You can configure the encryption profile to be either enabled or disabled. Enabled is recommended.

Example JDBC URL: jdbc:snowflake://

IBM officially supports JDBC drivers that have been tested and documented by IBM for use with IBM CDC FlexRep. IBM CDC FlexRep can also be configured to use third-party JDBC drivers. However, if problems arise when using third-party JDBC drivers, customers may contact IBM technical support to request assistance. For such cases, IBM Support will help isolate and diagnose issues by following normal support processes. Customers might need to provide information for problem determination, but IBM will retain sole discretion to determine if an issue is third party related. If the issue is determined to be related to a third-party JDBC driver, customers can then share the diagnosis with the provider of the third-party JDBC driver for their usage in changing their driver. IBM will not be obligated to make product changes in order to make IBM CDC FlexRep compatible with any third-party JDBC driver.