Migrating to SQL Replication Version 10.5 (Linux, UNIX, Windows)

SQL Replication Version 10.5 on Linux, UNIX, and Windows does not require a control table migration from Version 10.1.

About this task

You only need to upgrade your DB2® instance to Version 10.5. SQL Replication in Version 10.5 is functionally equivalent to SQL Replication in Version 10.1 and there are no changes to the control tables.


  1. Perform the following steps on the Apply server:
    1. Stop the Apply program.
    2. Upgrade the DB2 instance to Version 10.5.
    3. Start the Apply program.
  2. Perform the following steps on the Capture server:
    1. Quiesce any applications that are updating replicated tables and let Capture read to the end of the DB2 log.
    2. Stop the Capture program.
    3. Upgrade the DB2 instance to Version 10.5.
    4. Start the Capture program with a startmode of warmsi or warmns and with migrate=y.
    5. Release applications. You must start Capture before you release applications to avoid losing data. Capture cannot read any of the old logs that were created in the prior version, and it starts reading the first active log that it receives from DB2.