Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram LOBCOMMITINTERVAL=0time

Specifies how often COMMIT is performed by the source engine while LOB columns are being replicated. Every time the source engine fetches a LOB to send to the target, a claim is placed on the LOB tablespace. The default behaviour is to COMMIT, thereby releasing all claims, only when the entire UR has been sent to the target. Fetching LOBs is time consuming, so sending a large UR to the target can take many minutes. During this time, attempts to run utilities such as REORG against the LOB tablespace will time out. If a non-zero interval is specified for this keyword, the source engine will check every interval seconds to see if any LOBs have been fetched since the last COMMIT. If so, a COMMIT will be issued, thereby releasing the claims on the LOB tablespace and giving utilities a chance to run. If an interval of zero is specified, the default behaviour is obtained, where COMMIT is issued only when the entire UR has been sent to the target.

This keyword is optional and is available for InfoSphere® CDC for z/OS® version 10.2.1 with PTF UI23832 applied and later.

Default Setting—0 seconds

Maximum Setting—86400 seconds (86400 seconds is equal to one day)