Objects and properties generated from the OWL-to-logical data model transformation

The OWL-to-logical data model transformation process generates objects and properties for the logical data model from OWL ontology elements.
The following table shows the correspondence between OWL ontology elements and objects and properties for logical data models:
Table 1. Mappings from OWL ontology elements to logical data model objects and properties
OWL ontology element Logical data model object or property
owl:AllDifferent Not applicable
owl:AllDisjointClasses Not applicable
owl:AllDisjointProperties Not applicable
  • Relationship - Parent Entity
  • Attribute - Data type
owl:Annotation Not applicable
owl:AnnotationProperty Annotation
owl:AsymmetricProperty Not applicable
owl:backwardCompatibleWith Annotation
owl:cardinality (owl:ObjectProperty) Relationship – Cardinality
owl:complementOf Not applicable
owl:Class Entity
owl:datatypeComplementOf Not applicable
owl:DatatypeProperty Attribute
owl:deprecated Not applicable
owl:differentFrom Not applicable
owl:disjointWith Not applicable
owl:disjointUnionOf Not applicable
  • Entity
  • Atomic Domain
  • Attribute
  • Relationship
  • Relationship – Type
  • Relationship - Cardinality
  • Primary Key
  • Relationship – Type
owl:hasSelf Not applicable
owl:hasValue Not applicable
owl:imports Package
owl:incompatibleWith Annotation
  • Entity with Generalization
  • Attribute
owl:InverseFunctionalProperty Relationship – Type
  • Inverse Domain
  • Data property - Range
  • Object Property
owl:IrreflexiveProperty Not applicable
owl:maxCardinality (owl:ObjectProperty) Relationship – Cardinality
owl:maxQualifiedCardinality (owl:ObjectProperty) Relationship – Cardinality
owl:minCardinality (owl:ObjectProperty) Relationship – Cardinality
owl:minQualifiedCardinality (owl:ObjectProperty) Relationship – Cardinality
owl: NamedIndividual Not applicable
owl:NegativePropertyAssertion Not applicable
owl:ObjectProperty Relationship
owl:oneOf Not applicable
owl:Ontology Package
owl:priorVersion Annotation
owl:propertyChainAxiom Not applicable
owl:propertyDisjointWith Not applicable
owl:qualifiedCardinality (owl:ObjectProperty) Relationship – Cardinality
owl:ReflexiveProperty Not applicable
owl:sameAs Not applicable
  • Relationship - Parent Entity of Relationship or
  • Attribute - Data Type
owl:SymmetricProperty Not applicable
owl:TransitiveProperty Not applicable
owl:unionOf Not applicable
owl:versionInfo Annotation
rdfs:comment Documentation
rdfs:Datatype Atomic Domain
rdfs:domain (owl:DatatypeProperty) Attribute - Entity
rdfs:domain (owl:ObjectProperty) Relationship - Child Entity
rdfs:isDefinedBy Annotation
rdfs:label Label
rdfs:range (owl:DatatypeProperty) Attribute - Data Type
rdfs:range (owl:ObjectProperty) Relationship - Parent Entity
rdfs:seeAlso Annotation
rdfs:subClassOf Generalization
  • Domain
  • Data Property - Range
  • Object Property