Context Mapping

The Context Mapping feature of IBM® IoT Connected Vehicle Insights provides powerful geospatial functions and map-based analytics to add contextual insights into the vehicle data that is retrieved by the Vehicle Data Hub (VDH).

The Context Mapping service provides fast access to static road network data and dynamic event data. Context Mapping also provides geospatial tools for road networks, which you can use to integrate geospatial capabilities with your applications.

A summary of the main features that are provided by the Context Mapping service is outlined in the following table:

Feature Description
Road geometry data retrieval Road geometry data retrieval is used to retrieve the mapped road network to draw road shapes on a map.
Highly accurate map matching Highly accurate map matching is used to match the raw GPS location coordinates from a vehicle device to the coordinates of the actual mapped road network.
Road link attribute retrieval Road link attribute retrieval is used to retrieve the static and dynamic attributes that are associated with the road link.
Routing service Routing service is used to calculate or predict a best route that incorporates dynamic context information such as traffic delays.
Real-time traffic event manipulation Real-time traffic event manipulation is used to add real-time map-matched events such as traffic incidents.

Context Mapping components


The Context Mapping service consists of the following components:

The Dynamic Map Manager (DMM) is a central management point for map and event data. It serves the Context Mapping API to integrate geospatial capabilities with your applications.

The Context Map is a large-scale database that stores geographical data and dynamic contexts. It provides spatial join query across multiple resolution of contexts. Enable the Context Map on DMM to use it through the Context Mapping API.

Developing apps with map insights data

You can use the Context Mapping REST API to integrate the contextual geographic map insights into your automotive applications. For more information, see REST APIs for application development.

You can also use Starter apps that demonstrate how you can feed the contextual mapping data and analytic insights from IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights into example apps.

More information

To help you to configure and customize the Context Mapping service, detailed information and guidance can be provided by IBM Global Business Services. For more information, contact your local IBM representative.