Agent system

The Agent system of IBM® IoT Connected Vehicle Insights detects, stores, and manages events relating to vehicles, driving activity, and movement. The Agent system is integrated with the mapping system. You can determine which events are detected, processed, and stored by IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights by creating rules. Several rules are predefined. You can also create custom rules for the use cases that you are interested in. The Agent system sends and receives data from other components of IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights.

The following types of rules are supported by IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights:

Rule For...
Event identifier Creating new events that are based on incoming car probes
Event analyzer Finding events that might affect moving vehicles
Vehicle action Sending messages to moving vehicles

Rules are defined in XML format. You can also develop and deploy custom plug-ins for rules.

Configuring the Agent system

To enable features in situational awareness and vehicle-related event detection in IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights, you must configure the Agent system component. You can configure and manage rules on the Agent system from the Assets application in IBM® Maximo® Asset Management. The URLs and credentials for accessing the Maximo Asset Management administration interface for your service instance are provided in your customer welcome pack.

Extending the Agent system

You can also extend further and customize the Agent system by developing plug-ins and then deploying them to IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights.

For detailed instructions on configuring the Agent system and rules, documentation is available to entitled customers on request. For more information, contact your local IBM Representative.