data consistency checking and modeling assistance

Turns on or off data consistency checking and modeling assistance.


Data consistency checking and modeling assistance switch

API Parameter Name Name prior to V12.6.0
C++ IloCplex::Param::Read::DataCheck DataCheck
Java IloCplex.Param.Read.DataCheck DataCheck
.NET Cplex.Param.Read.DataCheck DataCheck
OPL datacheck datacheck
Python read.datacheck
Interactive read datacheck read datacheck
Identifier 1056 1056


Decides whether data should be checked for consistency and whether CPLEX should offer modeling assistance. When this parameter is set to 1 (one), the routines CPXcopy____, CPXread____, and CPXchg____ of the C API perform extensive checking of data in their array arguments, such as checking that indices are within range, that there are no duplicate entries, and that values are valid for the type of data or are valid numbers. This checking is useful for debugging applications. When this checking identifies trouble, you can gather more specific detail by calling one of the routines in check.c, as described in the CPLEX User's Manual in the topic Checking and debugging problem data.

Note: For most application programming interfaces (APIs) of CPLEX, the default value of this parameter is 0 (zero); that is, data checking is off by default. However, data checking in the CPLEX Python API is 1 (one), that is, on by default.

When the value of this parameter is set to level 2, CPX_DATACHECK_ASSIST, CPLEX turns on both data consistency checking and modeling assistance. At this level, CPLEX issues warnings at the start of the optimization about disproportionate values (too large, too small) in coefficients, bounds, and righthand sides (RHS). For all APIs, see the documentation of these warnings in the reference manual of the Callable Library (C API) in the topic Modeling information in the CPLEX Callable Library (C API). For more information, see the topic Modeling assistance in CPLEX in the CPLEX User's Manual.

Table 1. Values
int Symbol Interactive Meaning
0 CPX_DATACHECK_OFF no Data checking off; do not check; default
1 CPX_DATACHECK_WARN yes Data checking on; default in Python API
2 CPX_DATACHECK_ASSIST assist Data checking on; modeling assistance on; warnings issued for both

See also warning limit