relative MIP gap tolerance

Sets a relative tolerance on the gap between the best integer objective and the objective of the best node remaining.


Relative MIP gap tolerance

API Parameter Name Name prior to V12.6.0
C++ IloCplex::Param::MIP::Tolerances::MIPGap EpGap (double)
Java IloCplex.Param.MIP.Tolerances.MIPGap EpGap (double)
.NET Cplex.Param.MIP.Tolerances.MIPGap EpGap (double)
OPL epgap
Python parameters.mip.tolerances.mipgap mip.tolerances.mipgap
MATLAB Cplex.Param.mip.tolerances.mipgap mip.tolerances.mipgap
Interactive mip tolerances mipgap mip tolerances mipgap
Identifier 2009 2009


When the value


falls below the value of this parameter, the mixed integer optimization is stopped.

For example, to instruct CPLEX to stop as soon as it has found a feasible integer solution proved to be within five percent of optimal, set the relative MIP gap tolerance to 0.05.


Any number from 0.0 to 1.0; default: 1e-04.