presolve switch

Decides whether CPLEX applies presolve during preprocessing.


Presolve switch

API Parameter Name Name prior to V12.6.0
C CPXPARAM_Preprocessing_Presolve CPX_PARAM_PREIND
C++ IloCplex::Param::Preprocessing::Presolve PreInd (bool)
Java IloCplex.Param.Preprocessing.Presolve PreInd (bool)
.NET Cplex.Param.Preprocessing.Presolve PreInd (bool)
OPL preind preind
Python parameters.preprocessing.presolve preprocessing.presolve
MATLAB Cplex.Param.preprocessing.presolve preprocessing.presolve
Interactive preprocessing presolve preprocessing presolve
Identifier 1030 1030


Decides whether CPLEX applies presolve during preprocessing. When set to 1 (one), the default, this parameter invokes CPLEX presolve to simplify and reduce problems. In other words, this parameter turns on or off presolve during preprocessing.

To limit the number of passes that CPLEX carries out in presolve, use another parameter: limit on the number of presolve passes made.

Table 1. Values
Value bool Symbol Interactive Meaning
0 false CPX_OFF no Do not apply presolve
1 true CPX_ON yes Apply presolve; default