absolute objective difference cutoff

Used to update the cutoff each time a mixed integer solution is found.


Absolute objective difference cutoff

API Parameter Name Name prior to V12.6.0
C++ IloCplex::Param::MIP::Tolerances::ObjDifference ObjDif (double)
Java IloCplex.Param.MIP.Tolerances.ObjDifference ObjDif (double)
.NET Cplex.Param.MIP.Tolerances.ObjDifference ObjDif (double)
OPL objdif objdif
Python parameters.mip.tolerances.objdifference mip.tolerances.objdifference
MATLAB Cplex.Param.mip.tolerances.objdifference mip.tolerances.objdifference
Interactive mip tolerances objdifference mip tolerances objdifference
Identifier 2019 2019


Used to update the cutoff each time a mixed integer solution is found. This absolute value is subtracted from (added to) the newly found integer objective value when minimizing (maximizing). This forces the mixed integer optimization to ignore integer solutions that are not at least this amount better than the best one found so far.

The objective difference parameter can be adjusted to improve problem solving efficiency by limiting the number of nodes; however, setting this parameter at a value other than zero (the default) can cause some integer solutions, including the true integer optimum, to be missed.

Negative values for this parameter can result in some integer solutions that are worse than or the same as those previously generated, but does not necessarily result in the generation of all possible integer solutions.


Any number; default: 0.0.