Sets the branch priority for the variable var.

Namespace: ILOG.CPLEX
Assembly: ILOG.CPLEX (in ILOG.CPLEX.dll) Version:


public virtual void SetPriority(
	INumVar var,
	int pri
Visual Basic
Public Overridable Sub SetPriority ( _
	var As INumVar, _
	pri As Integer _


Type: ILOG.Concert..::..INumVar
The variable whose priority value is being set.
Type: System..::..Int32
The priority value to set for the variable var.


During branching, integer variables with higher priorities are given preference over integer variables with lower priorities. Further, variables that have priority assigned to them are given preference over variables that do not. Branching priorities must be nonnegative integers. By default, the priority of a variable without a user-assigned priority is 0 (zero). To remove a user-assigned priority from a variable, use the method Cplex.DelPriority. The parameter MIPOrdInd by default specifies that user-assigned priority orders should be taken into account. When MIPOrdInd is reset to its nondefault value 0 (zero), CPLEX ignores user-assigned priorities. For more detail about how priorities are applied, see the topic Issuing Priority Orders in the CPLEX User's Manual.

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