Documentation for older versions of IBM MQ

For older versions of IBM® MQ products, and of scenarios describing connecting IBM MQ with other IBM products, documentation is provided outside of IBM Documentation. Available formats are PDF, IBM Documentation Offline, and Information Center.

Note: This topic is not IBM MQ version-specific, it is a family-level topic. It is always published in the latest IBM MQ version. If you want to bookmark this topic, please bookmark the following link. This link continues to work when a new IBM MQ version is released.

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Table 1. Older IBM MQ documentation: What exists, where it is, and in what formats
IBM MQ product or scenario PDFs or ePubs IBM Documentation Offline1 Information Center
MQ Advanced Message Security 7.0.1 - - -
[z/OS]MQ Advanced Message Security for z/OS 7.0.1 - - -
MQ File Transfer Edition 7.0.4 - -
MQ product connectivity scenarios2 - -
MQSeries Everyplace - -
MQTT Clients - - -
MS81 Internet Pass-Thru 1.2 - -
MQ 7.5 -
MQ 7.1 -
MQ 7.0.1 -
MQ 7.0 -
MQ 6.0 -
MQ 5.3 -
MQ 5.2 - -
MQ 5.1 - -
MQ 3.0 - -
MQ 2.1 - -
1 IBM Documentation Offline has two components:
  • The IBM Documentation Offline app. This is a locally-installable offline version of IBM Documentation.
  • The documentation packages that you install into the IBM Documentation Offline app. These packages contain the same documentation as is published online in IBM Documentation.
For older versions of IBM MQ, use the links in this table to download the documentation packages. To download the app, see IBM Documentation Offline.
2 The product connectivity scenarios give guidance on connecting MQ to other IBM products (WebSphere Application Server classic, Liberty profile, IBM MessageSight, and MQTT mobile apps).