[MQ 9.3.4 Oct 2023][z/OS]

What's new in IBM MQ 9.3.4 for z/OS - base and Advanced VUE entitlement

On z/OS®, IBM® MQ 9.3.4 delivers a number of new features and enhancements that are available with base and IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS Value Unit Edition (VUE) entitlement.

Application Development

New Overview tab for queue managers in IBM MQ Console

The Overview tab of the queue manager dashboard displays various information about a queue manager and the resources it is consuming, see Quick tour of the IBM MQ Console.

Simplified Java application topologies

IBM MQ classes for JMS/Jakarta Messaging and IBM MQ classes for Java applications running in a batch environment will be allowed to use client connectivity to any z/OS queue manager, regardless of the PID that the queue manager is running under. For more information, see JMS/Jakarta Messaging client connectivity to batch applications running on z/OS and Java client connectivity to batch applications running on z/OS.