Managing TLS certificates

To manage the TLS certificates on your local computer using a GUI, use the IBM® strmqikm command (iKeyman).

About this task

The information in this task applies to managing TLS certificates on a local computer.

Note that you cannot manage TLS certificates on remote computers using strmqikm.

To work with a personal certificate with strmqikm, you must complete the following steps.


  1. Create a key database file in the location that is specified in the queue manager's Key repository attribute.
  2. Request and obtain from a Certificate Authority (CA) a personal certificate with the correct label and its full chain of CA certificates back to the Root certificate.
  3. Add all the certificates, in the correct order, to the key repository of the queue manager using strmqikm.


For instructions on how to use strmqikm, and for more information about security, see Securing.