[MQ 9.3.5 Feb 2024][AIX, Linux, Windows]

OpenTelemetry integration

You can integrate IBM® MQ with an OpenTelemetry tracing system.

OpenTelemetry tracing

OpenTelemetry tracing enables you to observe how applications are behaving within a data flow. The data flow can, and often does, incorporate several different applications. Tracing can show you the entire journey and provide insights into each individual application’s behavior. IBM MQ provides a tracing service that enables you to integrate with an OpenTelemetry tracing system.

The IBM MQ OpenTelemetry tracing service is implemented as an IBM MQ API exit. It is provided as an IBM supporting program, which means that you have entitlement to use the tracing service and receive support as part of your IBM MQ entitlement. Note that your IBM MQ entitlement only permits use of the IBM MQ Tracing exit component of the IBM Instana supporting program.

Issues arising from the use of the exit must be reported to IBM MQ Support unless you are using the tracing exit with an IBM Instana monitoring system and IBM Instana entitlement.

The exit can be downloaded here: https://ibm.biz/mqinstanaexit.

Installing and configuring the IBM MQ Open Telemetry tracing service

Full details of how to install and configure IBM MQ tracing can be found here: IBM MQ Tracing.

Details of the supported platforms for the IBM Instana IBM MQ exit can be found here: Supported platforms for on-premises IBM MQ.