IBM MQ Client for .NET license information

The IBM® MQ Client for .NET is a component of IBM MQ that can be downloaded free-of-charge. It can be used to integrate third party .NET applications into an IBM MQ messaging infrastructure. The IBM MQ Clients, including the IBM MQ Client for .NET, are licensed under the IBM MQ Client license terms in the IBM MQ product license.

The IBM MQ Client for .NET is part of the IBM MQ Client package, which contains client libraries supporting many different programming languages. IBM MQ Clients (including IBM MQ .NET client libraries) are made available free-of-charge with certain redistribution rights (see IBM MQ product license for redistributables terms) to enable third parties to easily develop and distribute IBM MQ applications. The IBM MQ Clients are provided as-is. For technical support and defect fixes a support agreement with IBM is required.