[Continuous Delivery]

What's new and changed in IBM MQ 9.3.x Continuous Delivery

Following the initial release of IBM® MQ 9.3.0, new function and enhancements are made available by incremental updates within the same version and release as modification releases, for example IBM MQ 9.3.1.

Continuous Delivery releases (CD releases) deliver new functional enhancements, in addition to fixes and security updates, on a much shorter cadence, so providing much more rapid access to those new functions. This delivery model is intended for systems where applications want to exploit the very latest capabilities of IBM MQ.

The individual features provided by a CD release are stand-alone functions but may increase in capability in subsequent CD releases, enhancing earlier CD features and forming a suite of related capabilities.

It is also possible for newly created features in one CD release to be modified in later CD releases to improve the user experience. Where migration to the improved capability is required it will be documented.

For more information, see IBM MQ release types and versioning and IBM MQ FAQ for Long Term Support and Continuous Delivery releases.

From 1Q 2023, changes to the IBM MQ maintenance delivery model include the introduction of cumulative security updates (CSUs), which contain security patches released since the previous maintenance. CSUs are produced for the latest CD release and use the VRMF version identifier format, where the VRM digits correspond to the CD release number and the F-digit shows the fix number for the CSU. CSUs use F-digit values that are not divisible by 5. For more information, see Changes to IBM MQ's maintenance delivery model.