Enable Advanced Message Security

Security policy capability for a queue manager is controlled by the SPLCAP parameter in the system parameter module.

About this task

Follow these steps to enable Advanced Message Security (AMS) for a single queue manager.

This task requires you to make a change to the system parameter module. See Tailor your system parameter module for more information on creating and customizing the system parameter module.


  1. Set SPLCAP to YES in CSQ6SYSP. See Using CSQ6SYSP for more information on the CSQ6SYSP macro.
  2. [MQ 9.2.0 Jul 2020] Set the AMSPROD to either AMS, ADVANCED, or ADVANCEDVUE depending on your licence entitlement. See using CSQ6USGP for more information on the CSQ6USGP macro.
  3. Recompile the system parameter module.
  4. Restart the queue manager with the updated system parameter module. The AMS address space is started automatically when the queue manager starts.