Coupling facility manager data records

Use this topic as a reference to the format of the coupling facility manager data records.

The format of the coupling facility manager statistics record is described in the following table and in assembler macro thlqual. SCSQMACS(CSQDQEST) and C header file thlqual.SCSQC370(CSQDSMFC). The field names in C are all in lowercase, for example qest, qestid.

If the queue manager was not started as a member of a queue sharing group, no data is recorded in this record.

Table 1. Coupling facility statistics record (QEST)
Offset: Dec Offset: Hex Type Len Name Description
0 0 Structure 4104 QEST CF manager statistics
0 0 Bitstring 2 QESTID Control block identifier
2 2 Integer 2 QESTLL Control block length
4 4 Character 4 QESTEYEC Control block eye catcher
8 8 Character 4096 QESTZERO QEST part cleared on occasion
8 8 Character 64 QESTSTUC (0:63) Array (one entry per structure)
8 8 Character 12 QESTSTR Structure name
20 14 Integer 4 QESTSTRN Structure number
24 18 Integer 4 QESTCSEC Number of IXLLSTE calls
28 1C Integer 4 QESTCMEC Number of IXLLSTM calls
32 20 Character 8 QESTSSTC Time spent doing IXLLSTE calls
40 28 Character 8 QESTMSTC Time spent doing IXLLSTM calls
48 30 Integer 4 QESTRSEC Number of IXLLSTE redrives
52 34 Integer 4 QESTRMEC Number of IXLLSTM redrives
56 38 Integer 4 QESTSFUL Number of structure fulls
60 3C Integer 4 QESTMNUS Maximum number of entries in use
64 40 Integer 4 QESTMLUS Maximum number of elements in use
68 44 Character 4 * Reserved
4104 1008 Character 0 * End of control block
The data contains information for each coupling facility list structure, including the CSQ_ADMIN structure, that the queue manager could connect to during the statistics interval. The information for each structure includes the following:
  • The number of and cumulative elapsed times for IXLLSTE and IXLLSTM requests.
  • The number of times a request had to be retried because of a timeout.
  • The number of times a 'structure full' condition occurred.