[MQ 9.2.3 Jul 2021][UNIX, Linux, Windows, IBM i]

Streaming queues

The streaming queues feature of IBM® MQ allows you to configure a queue to put a near-identical copy of every message to a second queue.

Streaming queues can be useful in certain scenarios, where you need to create a copy of your messages. For example:
  • Streaming messages to Apache Kafka using the Kafka Connect source connector for IBM MQ. For more information, see kafka_connect_mq_source.
  • Performing analysis on the data going through the system.
  • Storing messages for recovery at a later time.
  • Capturing a set of messages to use in development and test systems.
  • Consuming IBM MQ event messages from the system event queues, and sending additional copies to other queues or topics.

In all of these scenarios, you can configure streaming queues to ensure that the original messages remain unaffected by the streaming process. This ensures that core business applications do not observe any impact from the streaming.

The following illustration depicts this:
Illustration showing original messages unaffected by streaming and streamed messages being used for one of the three purposes described in the text.