strmqweb (start mqweb server)

Start the mqweb server that is used to support the IBM® MQ Console and REST API.


Use the strmqweb command to start the mqweb server. You must start the mqweb server as a privileged user to use the IBM MQ Console or the REST API.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram strmqweb   --clean

Optional parameters

Cleans all persistent cached information that is related to the specified server instance, which includes OSGi resolver metadata and persistent OSGi bundle data. If you use this option, the server will be required to recompute any cached data at the next startup, which might take more time than a restart that can reuse cached data.
Note: This option is not necessary for normal operation. IBM® service might request that you use this option when providing an interim fix, or if there is a suspected problem with the cached data.

Return codes

Table 1. Return code identifiers and descriptions
Return code Description
0 Command successful
>0 Command not successful.
For a full list of server command exit codes, see Liberty:server command options in the WebSphere® Application Server documentation.

Related commands

Table 2. Related command names and descriptions
Command Description
dspmqweb Display the status of the mqweb server.
endmqweb Stop the mqweb server.