MCATYPE (Message channel agent type)

This attribute can specify the message channel agent as a process or a thread.

Advantages of running as a process include:
  • Isolation for each channel providing greater integrity
  • Job authority specific for each channel
  • Control over job scheduling
Advantages of threads include:
  • Much reduced use of storage
  • Easier configuration by typing on the command line
  • Faster execution - it is quicker to start a thread than to instruct the operating system to start a process

For channel types of sender, server, and requester, the default is process. For channel types of cluster-sender and cluster-receiver, the default is thread. These defaults can change during your installation.

If you specify process on the channel definition, a RUNMQCHL process is started. If you specify thread, the MCA runs on a thread of the AMQRMPPA process, or of the RUNMQCHI process if MQNOREMPOOL is specified. On the machine that receives the inbound allocates, the MCA runs as a thread if you use RUNMQLSR. It runs as a process if you use inetd.

[z/OS]On IBM® MQ for z/OS®, this attribute is supported only for channels with a channel type of cluster-receiver.

[UNIX, Linux, Windows, IBM i]On other platforms, this attribute is valid for channel types of:
  • Sender
  • Server
  • Requester
  • Cluster sender
  • Cluster receiver