MQCSP - Security parameters

The following table summarizes the fields in the structure.

Warning: In some cases, the password in an MQCSP structure for a client application will be sent across a network in plain text. To ensure that client application passwords are protected appropriately, see IBM® MQCSP password protection.
Table 1. Fields in MQCSP
Field Description Topic
StrucId Structure identifier StrucId
Version Structure version number Version
AuthenticationType Type of authentication AuthenticationType
Reserved1 Required for pointer alignment on IBM i Reserved1
CSPUserIdPtr Address of user ID CSPUserIdPtr
CSPUserIdOffset Offset of user ID CSPUserIdOffset
CSPUserIdLength Length of user ID CSPUserIdLength
Reserved2 Required for pointer alignment on IBM i Reserved2
CSPPasswordPtr Address of password CSPPasswordPtr
CSPPasswordOffset Offset of password CSPPasswordOffset
CSPPasswordLength Length of password CSPPasswordLength