[AIX, Linux, Windows]

AMQP clients communicating over IBM MQ

You can use IBM® MQ as the messaging provider for any application that complies with AMQP 1.0. Although any AMQP 1.0 client can connect to an AMQP channel, some AMQP features are not supported, for example transactions or multiple sessions.

By defining one or more AMQP channels, AMQP 1.0 clients can connect to the queue manager and send messages to a topic string. Clients can also subscribe to a topic pattern to receive messages that match the pattern.

In the following scenario, the only applications sending and receiving messages are AMQP 1.0 applications.

Applications can choose whether the destinations created by subscribing to a topic string are persistent so that messages are not lost if the application temporarily loses its connection to the queue manager.

Applications can also choose how long messages are kept before being purged from the destination.

Diagram showing AMQP clients communicating with a queue manager by using an AMQP channel.