Define your page sets

Define page sets for each queue manager using one of the supplied samples.

  • Repeat this task for each IBM® MQ queue manager.

    [V9.2.0 Jul 2020]If you using z/OS® data set encryption to protect the page sets, you must configure this option before the data sets are allocated in this step.

  • You do not need to perform this task when migrating from a previous version.

    [V9.2.0 Jul 2020]If you are migrating a queue manager and adding z/OS data set encryption for page sets, you need to convert the page sets.

    [V9.2.0 Jul 2020]See the section, confidentiality for data at rest on IBM MQ for z/OS with data set encryption. for more information about configuring z/OS data set encryption and converting existing IBM MQ data sets to be encrypted.

Define separate page sets for each IBM MQ queue manager. thlqual.SCSQPROC(CSQ4PAGE) and thlqual.SCSQPROC(CSQ4PAGR) contain JCL and z/OS access method services (AMS) control statements to define and format page sets. Member CSQ4PAGE uses one page set for each class of message, member CSQ4PAGR uses multiple page sets for the major classes of message. The JCL runs the supplied utility program CSQUTIL. Review the samples and customize them for the number of page sets you want and the sizes to use. See the Planning on z/OS for information about page sets and how to calculate suitable sizes.

The started task procedure CSQ4MSTR described in Create procedures for the IBM MQ queue manager refers to the page sets, in a statement of the form:

//CSQP00nn DD DISP=OLD,DSN=xxxxxxxxx
where nn is the page set number between 00 and 99, and xxxxxxxxx is the data set that you define.
  1. If you intend to use the dynamic page set expansion feature, ensure that secondary extents are defined for each page set. thlqual.SCSQPROC(CSQ4PAGE) shows how to do this.
  2. To help identify page sets from different queue managers, include the subsystem name in the high level qualifier of the data set associated with each page set.
  3. If you intend to allow the FORCE option to be used with the FORMAT function of the utility program CSQUTIL, you must add the REUSE attribute on the AMS DEFINE CLUSTER statement. This is described in the Administering IBM MQ for z/OS.
  4. If your page sets are to be larger than 4 GB you must use the Storage Management System (SMS) EXTENDED ADDRESSABILITY function.