Set up the SMDS environment

If you want to use SMDS to offload messages on shared queues, set up the SMDS offload storage environment.

  • Perform this task for each queue manager and structure in the queue sharing group that you want to configure to offload data to SMDS.
  • If you want to configure additional structures to offload data to SMDS later, this task can be performed again at that time.
  • Omit this task if you are not using queue sharing groups.

    If you later want to use queue sharing groups, perform this task at that time.

Set up the SMDS environment

  1. Estimate structure and data set space requirements. See Shared message data set capacity considerations.
  2. Allocate and preformat data sets. See Creating a shared message data set.
  3. When you define the CF structure to IBM® MQ, ensure that you define the CFSTRUCT with CFLEVEL(5) and OFFLOAD(SMDS).