2150 (0866) (RC2150): MQRC_DBCS_ERROR


An error was encountered attempting to convert a double-byte character set (DBCS) or variable-width encoding character set string. This can occur in the following cases:
  • On the MQXCNVC call, when the SourceCCSID parameter specifies the coded character-set identifier of a double-byte or variable-width encoding character set, but the SourceBuffer parameter does not contain a valid string. This might be because the string contains characters that are not valid, or because the string is a mixed SBCS/DBCS string and the shift-out/shift-in characters are not correctly paired. The completion code is MQCC_FAILED in this case.
  • On the MQGET call, when the MQGMO_CONVERT option is specified. In this case it indicates that the MQRC_DBCS_ERROR reason code was returned by an MQXCNVC call issued by the data conversion exit. The completion code is MQCC_WARNING in this case.

Completion code


Programmer response

Specify a valid string.

If the reason code occurs on the MQGET call, check that the data in the message is valid, and that the logic in the data-conversion exit is correct.