2142 (085E) (RC2142): MQRC_HEADER_ERROR


An MQPUT or MQPUT1 call was issued, but the message data contains an MQ header structure that is not valid. Possible errors include the following:
  • The StrucId field is not valid.
  • The Version field is not valid.
  • The StrucLength field specifies a value that is too small.
  • The CodedCharSetId field is zero, or a negative value that is not valid.
  • The BufferLength parameter of the call has a value that is too small to accommodate the structure (the structure extends beyond the end of the message).

Completion code


Programmer response

Check that the fields in the structure are set correctly. Ensure that the application sets the CodedCharSetId field to a valid value (note: MQCCSI_DEFAULT, MQCCSI_EMBEDDED, MQCCSI_Q_MGR, and MQCCSI_UNDEFINED are not valid in this field).