2085 (0825) (RC2085): MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME


An MQOPEN, MQPUT1 , or MQSUB call was issued, but the object identified by the ObjectName and ObjectQMgrName fields in the object descriptor MQOD cannot be found. One of the following applies:
  • The ObjectQMgrName field is one of the following:
    • Blank
    • The name of the local queue manager
    • The name of a local definition of a remote queue (a queue manager alias) in which the RemoteQMgrName attribute is the name of the local queue manager
    but no object with the specified ObjectName and ObjectType exists on the local queue manager.
  • The object being opened is a cluster queue that is hosted on a remote queue manager, but the local queue manager does not have a defined route to the remote queue manager.
  • The object being opened is a queue definition that has QSGDISP(GROUP). Such definitions cannot be used with the MQOPEN, MQPUT1 , or MQSUB calls.
  • The MQOD in the failing application specifies the name of the local queue manager in ObjectQMgrName. The local queue manager does not host the particular cluster queue specified in ObjectName.

    The solution in this environment is to leave ObjectQMgrName of the MQOD blank.

This reason code can occur when running the REFRESH CLUSTER command. See Application issues seen when running REFRESH CLUSTER

This reason code can also occur in response to a command that specifies the name of an object or other item that does not exist.

Completion code


Programmer response

Specify a valid object name. Ensure that the name is padded with blanks at the end, if necessary. If this is correct, check the object definitions.

This reason code is also used to identify the corresponding event message Unknown Object Name.

If the queue is in the cluster, check that you have used appropriate open options. You cannot get messages from a remote cluster queue, so make sure that the open options are for output only.