[AIX, Linux, Windows][MQ 9.2.0 Jul 2020]

Creating a uniform cluster

You can simplify both the initial creation of a uniform cluster, and subsequently keeping the configuration between the uniform cluster members identical, by using the automatic configuration and automatic clustering support.

Before you begin

Before you create a uniform cluster, you should read Limitations and considerations for uniform clusters.

About this task

You indicate that a particular IBM® MQ cluster is to be treated as a uniform cluster by supplying in the qm.ini file a section for AutoCluster with at least Type=Uniform and ClusterName=<uniform cluster name>.

You can optionally configure the underlying IBM MQ cluster through the same .ini stanza by using automatic cluster creation. When using this automatic cluster support to set up the cluster, you provide a configuration file that describes the cluster and its full repositories.

If the queue manager being started is listed as one of the full repositories, then it is automatically made a full repository. Similarly, when the cluster receiver channel is defined, cluster sender channels to the full repository or repositories are automatically defined.


To exploit additional function that requires a uniform cluster you must complete either of the following steps: