[V9.2.0 Mar 2020]

Channel attributes supported by the JSON CCDT

A list of the client connection channel attributes supported by the JSON CCDT. This list is a subset of the attributes supported by the binary CCDT.

Attribute mapping

These attributes are inserted into the following channel object:
{ "channel": [ {$CHANNEL_1_KEY_VALUE_LIST },..., {$CHANNEL_N_KEY_VALUE_LIST } ] }
where $CHANNEL_X_KEY_VALUE_LIST is a comma separated list of the attributes listed in the following table.

See JSON CCDT examples for basic use cases.

For the complete list of the available attributes and their possible values see Channel attributes in alphabetical order.

The following table lists the JSON object, key, and data type, together with the corresponding binary channel attribute definition.
Attention: The required attributes are the channel name and channel type. If you also define portRange, the low and high attributes are also required.
JSON object JSON key JSON data type Binary attribute definition
channel (array) name STRING CHANNEL
channel (array) type STRING CHLTYPE
channel.clientConnection queueManager STRING QMNAME
channel.clientConnection.connection (array) host STRING CONNAME
channel.clientConnection.connection port INT CONNAME
channel.compression.header (array) header STRING COMPHDR
channel.compression.message (array) message STRING COMPMSG
channel.connectionManagement affinity STRING AFFINITY
channel.connectionManagement clientWeight INT CLNTWGHT
channel.connectionManagement defaultReconnect STRING DEFRECON
channel.connectionManagement disconnectInterval INT DISCINT
channel.connectionManagement heartInterval INT HBINT
channel.connectionManagement keepAliveInterval INT KAINT
channel.connectionManagement sharingConversations INT SHARECNV
channel.connectionManagement.localAddress (array) host STRING LOCLADDR
channel.connectionManagement.localAddress (array) port INT LOCLADDR
channel.connectionManagement.localAddress.portRange high INT LOCLADDR
channel.connectionManagement.localAddress.portRange low INT LOCLADDR
channel.exits.receive (array) name STRING RCVEXIT
channel.exits.receive (array) userData STRING RCVDATA
channel.exits.security name STRING SCYEXIT
channel.exits.security userData STRING SCYDATA
channel.exits.send (array) name STRING SENDEXIT
channel.exits.send (array) userData STRING SENDDATA
channel.general description STRING DESCR
channel.general maximumMessageLength INT MAXMSGL
channel.timestamps altered STRING ALTDATE and ALTTIME
channel.transmissionSecurity certificateLabel STRING CERTLABL
channel.transmissionSecurity certificatePeerName STRING SSLPEER
channel.transmissionSecurity cipherSpecification STRING SSLCIPH
  • channel.connectionManagement.localAddress can be defined as one of the following combinations of keys:
    • host and port
    • host and portRange
    • port
    • portRange
  • The channel.timestamps altered JSON key is optional and, if not defined, the value defaults to the JSON CCDT file last modified time. However, if the environment is configured to fetch the CCDT from a URL, the default value is the time the file was last downloaded.
  • channel.clientConnection.connection must include both host and port keys.
  • The altered key is a single string that encapsulates both ALTDATE and ALTTIME attributes.
  • The transport type can only be TCP, therefore the following attributes are not defined in the schema:
    • USERID
    • TPNAME