[V9.1.0 Jul 2018][z/OS]

IBM MQ for z/OS Service Provider for IBM z/OS Connect EE

IBM® MQ for z/OS® Service Provider for IBM z/OS Connect EE (MQ Service Provider) processes requests arriving through IBM z/OS Connect EE. The MQ Service Provider allows REST aware applications to interact with z/OS assets, that are exposed using IBM MQ for z/OS queues and topics. You can achieve this without having to worry about the coding required to use asynchronous messaging.

Important: z/OS Connect EE Version and later, ships an enhanced version of the MQ Service Provider which supports service archive files. You should migrate to that version of z/OS Connect EE and use the built-in MQ Service Provider, instead of using the service provider shipped with the IBM MQ for z/OS product.

In the z/OS Connect EE information in IBM Documentation, quick start scenarios for the MQ Service Provider in z/OS Connect EE are provided under Quick start scenarios, and detailed reference information is provided under Using the IBM MQ service provider.

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