Installing IBM MQ for z/OS

Installation tasks that are associated with installing IBM® MQ on z/OS® systems are grouped in this section.

About this task

IBM MQ for z/OS uses the standard z/OS installation procedure. It is supplied with a Program Directory that contains specific instructions for installing the program on a z/OS system. You must follow the instructions in the appropriate Program Directory. The Program Directory for IBM MQ for z/OS can be downloaded from the IBM Publications Center (see IBM MQ for z/OS Program Directory PDF files).

The Program Directory includes not only details of the installation process, but also information about the prerequisite products and their service or maintenance levels.

SMP/E, used for installation on the z/OS platform, validates the service levels and prerequisite and corequisite products, and maintains the SMP/E history records to record the installation of IBM MQ for z/OS. It loads the IBM MQ for z/OS libraries and checks that the loads have been successful. You then have to customize the product to your own requirements.

Before you install and customize IBM MQ for z/OS, you must decide the following:
  • Whether you are going to install one of the optional national language features. See National language support.
  • Which communications protocol and distributed queuing facility you are going to use. See Communications protocol and distributed queuing.
  • What your naming convention for IBM MQ objects will be. See Naming conventions.
  • What command prefix string (CPF) you are going to use for each queue manager. See Using command prefix strings.
  • [Continuous Delivery]When upgrading from a previous Continuous Delivery release through the installation of PTFs, decide whether any USERMODs that have been applied to IBM MQ for z/OS will still be required. Remove the USERMODs before installation of the Continuous Delivery PTFs, or use the SMP/E BYPASS(ID) option on APPLY. If neither of these actions is performed, an SMP/E MODID ERROR GIM38201E will be received.

    The PTFs for the latest Continuous Delivery release can be determined by using SMP/E FIXCAT HOLDDATA category IBM.MQ.V9R0Mn, where n is the modification level. For example, category IBM.MQ.V9R0M2 identifies fixes that upgrade IBM MQ for z/OS 9.0 Continuous Delivery to modification level 2.

You also need to plan how much storage you require in your z/OS system to accommodate IBM MQ; Planning your storage and performance requirements on z/OS helps you plan the amount of storage required.