mqconfig (check system configuration)

Checks that the system configuration meets the requirements to run IBM® MQ (UNIX and Linux® platforms only).


The mqconfig command is run to verify the system configuration matches or exceeds that which is required by IBM MQ. The configuration values are minimum values, and large installations might require values greater than those checked by this command.

For further information about configuring your system for IBM MQ, see the Operating system configuration and tuning information for IBM MQ on the platform, or platforms, that your enterprise uses.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram mqconfig -vVersion

Optional parameters

-v Version
The system requirements vary between different versions of IBM MQ. Specify the version of IBM MQ for which you need to verify the current system configuration.
The default value, if -v is not specified, is the current version.


The following output is an example of what the command produces on a Linux system:

# mqconfig -v 8.0
mqconfig: V3.7 analyzing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5
(Santiago) settings for IBM MQ V8.0

System V Semaphores
semmsl   (sem:1) 500 semaphores           IBM>=32      PASS
semmns   (sem:2) 35 of 256000 semaphores  (0%)  IBM>=4096     PASS
semopm   (sem:3) 250 operations           IBM>=32      PASS
semmni   (sem:4) 3 of 1024 sets       (0%)  IBM>=128     PASS

System V Shared Memory
shmmax       68719476736 bytes         IBM>=268435456  PASS
shmmni       1549 of 4096 sets     (37%)  IBM>=4096     PASS
shmall       7464 of 2097152 pages   (0%)  IBM>=2097152   PASS

System Settings
file-max      4416 of 524288 files    (1%)  IBM>=524288    PASS

Current User Limits (root)
nofile    (-Hn) 10240 files            IBM>=10240    PASS
nofile    (-Sn) 10240 files            IBM>=10240    PASS
nproc    (-Hu) 11 of 30501 processes   (0%)  IBM>=4096     PASS
nproc    (-Su) 11 of 4096 processes    (1%)  IBM>=4096     PASS
Note: Any values listed in the Current User Limits section are resource limits for the user who ran mqconfig. If you normally start your queue managers as the mqm user, you should switch to mqm and run mqconfig there.

If other members of the mqm group (and perhaps root) also start queue managers, all those members should all run mqconfig, to ensure that their limits are suitable for IBM MQ.

The limits displayed by mqconfig are not applied to queue managers on Linux started with systemd.