Application activity trace

Application activity trace produces detailed information about the behavior of applications connected to a queue manager. It traces the behavior of an application and provides a detailed view of the parameters used by an application as it interacts with IBM® MQ resources. It also shows the sequence of MQI calls issued by an application.

Use Application activity trace when you require more information than is provided by Event monitoring, Message monitoring, Accounting and statistics messages, and Real-time monitoring.
Note: Activity trace is generated on the IBM MQ connection for each application; so if accounting messages are enabled the activity trace operations count towards the MQI accounting information for each application.
IBM MQ supports two methods of collecting application activity trace data.
  • Central collection of application activity trace information, where application activity trace is collected and read by writing activity trace PCF messages to the system queue SYSTEM.ADMIN.TRACE.ACTIVITY.QUEUE.
  • Subscription to activity trace data, written to special IBM MQ system topics.

Note that activity trace is not supported by IBM MQ for z/OS®.

[UNIX, Linux, Windows][V9.1.2 Mar 2019]As you can now specify application names on most of the programming languages that IBM MQsupports, refer to Specifying the application name in supported programming languages for more information.