Writing client procedural applications

What you need to know to write client applications on IBM® MQ using a procedural language.

Applications can be built and run in the IBM MQ client environment. The application must be built and linked to the IBM MQ MQI client used. The way in which applications are built and linked varies according to the platform and programming language used. For information on how to build client applications, see Building applications for IBM MQ MQI clients.

You can run an IBM MQ application both in a full IBM MQ environment and in an IBM MQ MQI client environment without changing your code, provided that certain conditions are met. For more information on running your applications in the IBM MQ client environment, see Running applications in the IBM MQ MQI client environment.

If you use the message queue interface (MQI) to write applications to run in an IBM MQ MQI client environment there are some additional controls to impose during an MQI call to ensure that the IBM MQ application processing is not disrupted. For more information about these controls, see Using the MQI in a client application.

See the following topics for information preparing and running other application types as client applications: