Configuring JTA/JDBC coordination on Windows

The XA library is supplied as a DLL with a name of the format jdbcxxx.dll.

The supplied jdbcora12.dll provides compatibility with Oracle 12C, for an IBM® MQ for Windows server installation.

On Windows systems, the XA library is supplied as a complete DLL. The name of this DLL is jdbcxxx.dll where xxx indicates the database for which the switch library has been compiled. This library is in the java\lib\jdbc or java\lib64\jdbc directory of your IBM MQ classes for Java installation. You must declare the XA library, also described as the switch load file, to the queue manager. Use the IBM MQ Explorer. Specify the details of the switch load file in the queue manager properties panel, under XA resource manager. You must only give the name of the library. For example:

For a Db2® database set the SwitchFile field to: dbcdb2

For an Oracle database set the SwitchFile field to: jdbcora

  1. Oracle 12C is supported by the IBM MQ classes for Java, only on IBM MQ for Windows.
  2. The supported version of Oracle 12C is Enterprise Edition and future fix packs.
  3. Oracle 64-bit databases on 64- bit Windows require the 32-bit Oracle client.
  4. Using the IBM MQ classes for Java, IBM MQ can act as a transaction coordinator. However it is not possible to participate in a JTA style transaction.