[V9.1.5 Apr 2020]

Getting started with the web console

Get started quickly with the web console. These instructions apply both to the New Web Console and the Dashboard Web Console.

Before you begin

To complete this task, you must be a user with certain privileges so that you can use the dspmqweb command:
  • [z/OS]On z/OS®, you must have authority to run the dspmqweb command, and write access to the mqwebuser.xml file.
  • [UNIX, Linux, Windows, IBM i]On all other operating systems, you must be a privileged user.


  1. If the mqweb server is not already configured for use by the web console, configure the mqweb server.
    For more information about creating a basic configuration for the mqweb server with a basic registry, see Basic configuration for the mqweb server.
  2. [z/OS] On z/OS, set the WLP_USER_DIR environment variable so that you can use the dspmqweb command. Set the variable to point to your mqweb server configuration by entering the following command:
    export WLP_USER_DIR=WLP_user_directory
    where WLP_user_directory is the name of the directory that is passed to crtmqweb. For example:
    export WLP_USER_DIR=/var/mqm/web/installation1

    For more information, see Creating the mqweb server.

  3. Determine the URI for the web console by entering the following command:
    dspmqweb status
    The command generates an output similar to the following:
    MQWB1124I: Server 'mqweb' is running.

    The URI for the web console ends with the suffix console/.

  4. Connect to the web console by entering the URL from 3 in a browser.

    A security exception might be produced by the browser because the default certificate that is provided with the mqweb server is not a trusted certificate. Choose to proceed to the web console .

  5. Log in to the web console. Use the user name mqadmin, and the password mqadmin.

What to do next