[UNIX, Linux, Windows]

Making initial checks on UNIX, Linux, and Windows

Before you start problem determination in detail on UNIX, Linux®, and Windows, consider whether there is an obvious cause of the problem, or an area of investigation that is likely to give useful results. This approach to diagnosis can often save a lot of work by highlighting a simple error, or by narrowing down the range of possibilities.

About this task

The cause of your problem could be in:
  • IBM® MQ
  • The network
  • The application
  • Other applications that you have configured to work with IBM MQ

Some initial questions to consider are listed in the subtopics. As you go through the list of questions, make a note of anything that might be relevant to the problem. Even if your observations do not suggest a cause straight away, they might be useful later if you have to carry out a systematic problem determination exercise.