[V9.1.0 Jul 2018]

Removed features in IBM MQ 9.1.0

A number of features are removed from IBM® MQ 9.1.0.

Support for HP-UX

Support for the HP-UX operating system for all IBM MQ components, including server and clients, is removed from IBM MQ 9.1.0.

Support for installing IBM MQ on Linux Ubuntu systems using rpm

The ability to install IBM MQ on Linux® Ubuntu systems using rpm has been removed. The product must be installed using the supplied Debian-style packages. For more information about installing with Debian-style packages, see Installing IBM MQ on Linux Ubuntu using Debian.


Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 browser support has been removed. The Microsoft Edge browser is now supported by the IBM MQ Console.

IBM MQ transport for SOAP and HTTP bridge

The IBM MQ transport for SOAP, and IBM MQ HTTP bridge components were deprecated in earlier releases of the product. These components have been removed at IBM MQ 9.1.0.

Support for the MQ Service Provider in z/OS Connect V1

The zosConnectMQ-1.0 feature has been removed. You can, instead, use the MQ Service Provider for IBM z/OS® Connect EE.
Note: Any reference to z/OS Connect in this documentation, refers only to IBM MQ for z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition (IBM z/OS Connect EE).