Performance events

Performance events relate to conditions that can affect the performance of applications that use a specified queue. The scope of performance events is the queue. MQPUT calls and MQGET calls on one queue do not affect the generation of performance events on another queue.

Performance event messages can be generated at any appropriate time, not necessarily waiting until an MQI call for the queue is issued. However, if you use an MQI call on a queue to put or remove a message, any appropriate performance events are generated at that time.

Every performance event message that is generated is placed on the queue, SYSTEM.ADMIN.PERFM.EVENT.

The event data contains a reason code that identifies the cause of the event, a set of performance event statistics, and other data. The types of event data that can be returned in performance event messages are described in the following list:

Examples that illustrate the use of performance events assume that you set queue attributes by using the appropriate IBM® MQ commands (MQSC). On z/OS®, you can also set queue attributes using the operations and controls panels for queue managers.