Configuration events

Configuration events are notifications that are generated when an object is created, changed, or deleted, and can also be generated by explicit requests.

Configuration events notify you about changes to the attributes of an object. There are four types of configuration events:

  • Create object events
  • Change object events
  • Delete object events
  • Refresh object events

The event data contains the following information:

Origin information
comprises the queue manager from where the change was made, the ID of the user that made the change, and how the change came about, for example by a console command.
Context information
a replica of the context information in the message data from the command message.

Context information is included in the event data only when the command was entered as a message on the SYSTEM.COMMAND.INPUT queue.

Object identity
comprises the name, type and disposition of the object.
Object attributes
comprises the values of all the attributes in the object.

In the case of change object events, two messages are generated, one with the information before the change, the other with the information after.

Every configuration event message that is generated is placed on the queue SYSTEM.ADMIN.CONFIG.EVENT.