[V9.0.2 Mar 2017][Linux]

Overview of the Debian installer for IBM MQ on Linux Ubuntu

An overview of the concepts and considerations for installing IBM® MQ, on Linux® Ubuntu, using the Debian installer.

Installation tools

Use dpkg, or a higher level installation tool, to install and uninstall the product. The installed product on disk appears identical to an rpm-installed copy.
Attention: The Debian installation tools have no provision for overriding the installation directory. This means that there is no relocatable or multi-version support. Therefore the product will be installed to /opt/mqm, but this can be set as the primary installation if you require.

Package names

The package names have been changed to use an IBM MQ derived name.

For example, the Debian equivalent of the existing rpm server component, MQSeriesServer, is ibmmq-server.


Having both Debian and rpm installed versions of IBM MQ on the same system is not supported.

Therefore, on a single system, you can have a single version of IBM MQ installed by Debian, or multiple versions of IBM MQ installed by rpm.

However, you can achieve multi-version installation with Debian through the use of container based technologies, such as Docker.