Telemetry use cases

Telemetry is the automated sensing, measurement of data, and control of remote devices. The emphasis is on the transmission of data from devices to a central control point. Telemetry also includes sending configuration and control information to devices.

IBM® MQ Telemetry connects small devices by using the MQTT protocol, and connects the devices to other applications by using IBM MQ. IBM MQ Telemetry bridges a gap between devices and the internet making it easier to build "smart solutions". Smart solutions unlock the wealth of information available on the internet, and in enterprise applications, for applications that monitor and control devices.

The following diagrams demonstrate some typical uses of IBM MQ Telemetry:

Telemetry: Smart Electricity
Image of MQTT messages containing every house's energy usage data sent to a service provider, and IBM MQ Telemetry sending control commands based on analysis of energy usage data back to the houses.
Telemetry: Smart Health Services
  • IBM MQ Telemetry sends Health Data to your Hospital & Doctor.
  • MQTT message alerts or feedback can be sent based on analysis of Health Data.
  • For more information, see the following use case: Telemetry use case: Home patient monitoring
Image of MQTT messages containing health data being sent to your hospital or doctor, and returning message alerts or feedback.
Telemetry: One in a Crowd
Image of card transaction data being sent to the bank's server and IBM MQ Telemetry identifying and notifying the one person from the thousands.
  • A simple card transaction is sent to the bank's server.
  • IBM MQ Telemetry identifies the one person from the thousands, alerting the customer that their card has been used.
  • IBM MQ Telemetry can use the simplest input of information, and locate that individual.

The use cases described in the subtopics are drawn from actual examples. They illustrate some ways of using telemetry, and some of the common problems that telemetry technology must resolve.